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I started shaving my armpits when I was 10 years old and I think that’s pretty pathetic. Allowing my armpit hair to grow is forcing me to get over my insecurities about my body hair.

This is my “fuck you” to everyone. It’s hair, that’s all.

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    It’s lovely
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    hey people use the excuse when they’re too lazy to trim it as well. and say that and try to make a big political...
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    Yeah I guess that last sentence was pretty much my main point about it. I mean it’s definitely something that comes up a...
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    Wow, people are assholes. :(
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    I’m not against anyone not liking body hair, I’m against ignorance. Sorry about all these reblogs, followers. I feel the...
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    I half agree because yes it’s everyone’s prerogative to find something gross or not but at the same time there’s a hell...
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    no shave november and moveber are two separate things so that guy should fuck off. Movember is about growing a...
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